• Our Profile

    Established in the year 1982, Seafer General Foods specializes in shrimps, fisheries, and honey. Currently, Seafer is concentrating on honey processing and packaging for local and export market. Our honey products are exported mainly to the USA, keeping in mind the high quality products that our customers demand. We are confident in supplying quality and chemical free products to be exported overseas.

  • Our Factory

    Our factory is located in Kendal, Central Java where the honey are processed in a hygenic processing facility concentrating on high quality products from raw material to end products. One of our strength is the efficient delivery as our factory is situated 18 miles from Port of Tanjung Mas which will ensure efficient delivery of quality products in a timely manner. The forest is mainly where honey sources are collected; in addition, honey source also comes from local bee farms located mostly at Indonesia's islands, such as Central Java, East Java, West Java, Riau, Lampung, and Kalimantan. These beekeepers have years of experience working with bees, therefore we are very blessed to have their nurturing and resourceful help. We do laboratory tests on samples taken on production to further assure the quality of the honey product. Our laboratory is equipped with sophisticated and advanced equipments to run important analysis concerning microbial, antibiotics, and chemical and physical parameters. Additionally, our honey products will be further checked and tested at other independent laboratories in Indonesia and United State to guarantee that our honey is in compliance with the required internationl standard.